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About Us

Colorparty is a company that produces soles for shoes, based in Felgueiras, a city where the footwear industry has been dominant for over 15 years. It is dedicated to the production of soles in Prefabricated, EVA, bicolor EVA and Eva phylon. The company stands out for its quality, from the selection of raw materials to the final product delivered to the customer. It has modern technical equipment in order to guarantee the best quality to its customers.



The main objective of the company is to produce high quality materials, guaranteeing its customers great reliability of the products. Together with its customers, it aims to carry out innovative and sustainable projects in the world of footwear.


Studies with qualified profissionals.


Productive capacity. Qualified professionals.


We ensure the best quality of the materials we use

We produce soles with sustainable materials

We are aware of the state of our planet, our needs to reduce waste, and we are increasingly investing in sustainable and reusable materials. 

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