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Information about GDPR


The privacy and security of the personal data of our Clients and Partners are the main priority of Colorparty – Acabamento de solas Unip..


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has profound changes due to the protection of European Citizens. Ensuring a regulatory framework and a significant paradigm in the life of business organizations, including yours, if eventually you are a business owner.


In order for you to continue to have the privilege of accessing all our news and for the treatment of your personal information to be subject to the greatest possible confidentiality, as well as specific access to all our products and solutions, we need your consent. In order to continue to provide you with an excellent service, we ask you to confirm that you agree by accepting the notice about the "Cookies" policy while browsing our page, confirming that we can continue to give the best course to your personal data and in order to improve your browsing experience and interaction with our products and services.

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